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Our Mission

Cultivate academic success so that our students become lifelong learners, innovators, and contributors to society.

From Our Community

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Mrs. Canfield is an amazing math teacher. She has helped my child to believe in herself, even when the learning is challenging. She takes time to reteach and coach students as they need it. My child feels confident and safe to make mistakes. Mrs. Dodeler has been a great mentor and teacher for both of my 7th graders. She pushes them to grow and holds them accountable for their best effort. She is kind and understands that kids have tough days. "

Thank You Teachers Flag

"I would like to thank Mr. Judd for always being very communicative when it comes to my child. Also for responding to my emails in a timely matter whenever needed. I’m very thankful for teachers like him."

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Ms. Tapia has been a wonderful support to my student. She is a wonderful teacher, who pushes my child to be their best, but she also likes and appreciates my child for who they are... all the quirks and special things that make them, them."

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